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X marks the Wifi

Living in the US, I’ve been spoiled with internet access. I can go to any restaurant, supermarket, or store and be seamlessly connected to wifi. However when traveling outside the affluent bubble, I’ve found public wifi to be a rare delicacy. If your traveling and find yourself in a dead zone crisis, here are 5 places to find free wifi:


American Chains – Almost any will do. McDonald’s and Pizza Hut are everywhere and usually have free bathrooms as well!

Istanbul, Turkey Pizza Hut











Coffee Shops – Most cafes will accommodate the electric type, but don’t forget to buy a coffee (or a guanabana con leches)!

Guanabana con Leches
















Hotel / Hostels – Most hostels and hotels have wifi nowadays. If you find yourself in dire need of the internet, head to the lobby!

Black Sheep Hostel











Shopping Malls – They will either provide their own or one of the businesses inside will have it.

Mall in Istanbul















Internet Cafe – Pay per minute at an internet cafe. This provides great motivation to fend of that pesky procrastination.

Internet cafe, Colombia










Unless you play FIFA of course…

Internet cafe, Colombia two kids playing FIFA


Happy wifi hunting!

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