Speeding on the road like a surfboard over water. Riding a long board is an exhilarating way to exercise and travel quickly. While riding a bike can be fun, maybe it’s too easy to cruise and use the gears for an effortless ride. Jogging on the other hand is great exercise, but lets face it, gliding is way better. Pushing a long board is a nice blend between the two and when one leg gets tired you can always switch stances!

long board dance


That’s the spirit!

The time is ripe to purchase a longboard as innovation and competitive prices are at their finest. Amazon and Ebay are both great places to shop around for a standard board, or if you’re Marty McFly check out http://www.zboardshop.com/ for electronically motorized long boards. A basic model would cost you about $100, while a motorized one would be around $649 (for the low cost model). I recommend starting with a standard board to see if you like it, and save up for something that will really be the talk of the town:

One of these bad boys…

Thinking about longboarding



If you end up using your long board (or stroller car) frequently, you will want to maintain it. I live in Florida and often ride over sand which becomes trapped inside my bearings (the metal balls inside the wheels). Cleaning is not difficult and a little will go a long way. In the past I never used to clean my wheels and often ended up like this guy:

Falling longboard guy


You don’t want to be this guy…

So be sure to clean and oil your bearings about once a month if you ride regularly. This site (http://lushlongboards.com/workshops/how-to-clean-bearings/) has a great tutorial on how to stay clean. Ignoring maintenance will lead to a sharp decrease in speed and fun.

The world is wondering: Where do you long board? Do you have an awesome story you’d like to share? Go ahead and post any tips or tricks you’ve picked up along the way in the comment section below!