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By Michael K. Kellogg

The Roman "philosophy of lifestyles" as reflected within the literature of ten impressive consultant authors

Though Rome conquered a lot of the realm and confirmed an empire that lasted greater than a millennium, its electorate occasionally expressed a feeling of inferiority to the highbrow accomplishments of historical Greece. The idea that Roman philosophers, thinkers, and writers have been simply light imitations of Greek originals has endured to at the present time. Even the good Roman poet Horace wrote, "Captive Greece took its Roman captor captive,/ Invading uncouth Latium with its arts."

Michael okay. Kellogg places this idea to leisure during this energetic, very readable review of Roman literature. the writer uncovers many examples of Roman knowledge, exhibiting that the Roman contribution to highbrow background is significant and needn't take moment position to historical Greek literature.

Kellogg deals clean and interesting pix of poets (Lucretius, Virgil, Horace, Ovid); dramatists (Plautus, Terence, Seneca); biographers (Plutarch, Suetonius); historians (Livy, Tacitus); and philosophers (Cicero, Marcus Aurelius), opposed to the history of Roman historical past.  

The modern reader will come clear of this wonderful survey with the belief that even this present day our tradition nonetheless bears the lasting imprint of old Rome.

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