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Proclus' Elements of Theology is a concise summa of the Neoplatonic procedure in its absolutely constructed shape; and for the scholar of past due Greek proposal, moment in significance basically to the Enneads of Plotinus. Dodds has supplied a severe textual content according to a private exam of a few 40 manuscripts, including an English translation and a philosophical and linguistic remark. This moment version comprises an Appendix of Addenda et corrigenda and remains to be broadly looked and revered because the definitive version of the textual content today.

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Th. prop. 168 O{J/, /I,\,\OU p. tP (pou) Enn. n. ix. I "4Y'TOIS 'Y'" Il,,"OS (dTIl' 1Q,0p TO POf''', lI. \'\ou three. TO PO. ,,, aT' pOf •. • l Trf Ild.... p Ip6 .. " po<;. " aT< 1'0. , ... lITllP 'Y4P IdT' /cIlT' EPtP'YflIlP pour /Cui po. , . xxiv. III wp6olio, ' .... "6"TW" TW" "POTtpuW •.. 'YCtlO"Ta •. , xxxi~i. § 2. ol}rll. JS «UTOV 411"oA40'" c! ts vehicle "'I/>U/cE". XXIl advent rules pointed out above as having been constructed through lamblichus. time and again within the E! ement~ Proc1us justifies his multiplication of entities, like lamblichus within the related circumstances,' via connection with the C legislation of suggest phrases " viz. that . doubly disjunct phrases AB and not-A not-B can't be non-stop, yet has to be associated via an intermediate time period, both A not-B or B not-A, which types a I triad I with them. ' now not much less often does he keep the team spirit of his process or reconcile conflicting traditions with the aid of the principle-perhaps N eopythagorean, yet first systematically utilized, as far as we all know, through lamblichus-that I all issues are in all issues, yet in every one based on its right nature '. s And the exploitation at successive degrees of the triad p. ov-t1-rrpo080~brLlTTfXXP~, which Zeller considered as in particular attribute of Proc1us, appears back a legacy from his too creative predecessor. ' ultimately, (d) a comparability of the weather with the de mysteriis indicates massive percentage of Proc1us' technical terminology used to be inherited from lam blichus. five The effect therefore received from the weather is reinforced once we flip to Proc1us' different works. lamblichus is for him b 'll"aVTa~ El' 'll"aO'! v oAt-yov 8lw cpava! /Cpa~;;JV;' he stocks with Plotinus the honorific epithet (hio~ or OWlTaTOt; (whereas Aristotle is purely 8a,p. 6v! O~). Proc1us ventures to criticize him yet hardly ever, after which with a touch of apology in his tone. 7 within the topic of superstitious recognize for theurgy there turns out little to select from the 2 writers. in accordance with Proc1us it's 'a strength greater than all. human knowledge, embracing the advantages of divination, the purifying powers of initiation, and in a observe the entire operations of divine ownership '. " Like lamblichus, he thinks that • it isn't through an act of discovery, nor through the task right to their being, that exact issues are united to the only ',9 yet through the mysterious operation of the occult I apud Pr. in Tim. eleven. 3'3. 1911'. 2 the main is laid down in prop. 28. For eXllmples of its program er. props. forty, fifty five, 63,64, 132, 166, 181.

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