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This quantity features a new translation of, and remark on, Cicero's protection of Publius Sestius opposed to a cost of public violence. Pro Sestio is arguably an important of Cicero's political speeches that live to tell the tale from the approximately twenty years isolating the Speeches opposed to Catiline and the second one Philippic. Its account of contemporary background offers any scholar of Rome with a desirable method into the interval; its depiction of public conferences, demonstrations, and violence are hugely pertinent to the present debate at the position of "the crowd in Rome within the past due Republic"; the speech is usually the most effective introductions we need to conventional Republican values and ethics in action.

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In exile); Vat. 30–2 (Vatinius, to sign disapproval of a *supplicatio); Cass. Dio 37. 33. three (the inhabitants at huge, whilst battle with Catiline looms; cf. 37. forty. 2, general costume resumed at Catiline’s defeat); 37. forty three. three (the senate, after riots related to the tribunes Nepos and Cato, see sixty two temple used to be seized n. ); 39. 28. 1–4, 30. 3–4 (¼ Livy Perioch. one zero five, the senate, to protest *vetoes of the tribune Gaius Cato in 56); 39. 39. 2 (the consuls Pompey and Crassus, and their partisans, to protest tribunes’ actions); Plut. Pomp. fifty nine. 1 and Caes. 30. three (senate and other people jointly, as civil struggle looms). For the customized retrojected to the early Republic, see e. g. Livy 2. sixty one. five, 6. sixteen. five; on its use as an device of ‘popular justice’, Lintott 1999a, 16–20. temple of harmony . . . reminiscence of my consulship Set on the foot of the Capitoline hill, searching over the Rostra and the discussion board, this temple of harmony used to be equipped by way of Lucius Opimius, cos. 121, after crushing Gaius Gracchus’ rebellion in compliance with the senate’s ‘ultimate decree’ (cf. 25 reduction might be sought, a hundred and forty his monument nn. ); see NTDAR 98–9, LTUR 1. 316–20, MAR 96–7. It thereafter usually served as a domain for conferences of the senate, as any temple may, together with the serious conferences presided over by means of C. on 3–5 Dec. sixty three (Cat. three. 21, Sall. Cat. forty six. five, forty nine. four, Plut. Cic. 19. 1). the curly-headed consul yourselves n. less than. Gabinius: cf. 18 above and also you prostrated Commentary 26 179 the opposite consul . . . used to be deliberately retaining to his condo Having already remarked Piso’s own betrayal of him (20 good friend n. ), C. stresses right here that Piso had of set function (consulto) absented himself from the Wrst assembly of the senate at which he can have inXuenced Gabinius. Piso maybe used the excuse of ailing wellbeing and fitness (if Pis. thirteen refers to this incident, cf. Cass. Dio 38. sixteen. 6, reporting that Piso ‘was ailing really a lot’); if this is the case, C. definitely didn't think him. that slimy blot See 20 n. , at the similar abusive word. misplaced solely notwithstanding he used to be plying his exchange C. resumes his allegation that Gabinius were either a prostitute and a bankrupt (18 nn. ), right here suggesting that Gabinius went broke although he used to be promoting himself for sexual use (the idiom quaestum facere, lit. ‘to make (one’s) livelihood’, is linked esp. with prostitution). I undertake Halm’s correction of the MSS’ nonsense (tum quamvis, ‘entirely though’, for tum qua P1 , tum (tu V) quasi P2 GHV); with the correction proposed through Paul (tum cum, ‘then, when’, authorized by way of Maslowski and Shackleton Bailey) C. as a substitute means that Gabinius went bankrupt during prostituting himself. You got here to the senate . . . and all patriots with you For deal with to the equestrian judges, cf. 25 you, gents of the equestrian order n. Acc. to Cass. Dio 38. sixteen. 2–4, Gabinius refused to confess the delegation of equestrians (apparently contradicted via C. in what follows the following and purple. sen. 12), who have been escorted by way of consulars, Quintus Hortensius (3 n. ) and Gaius Scribonius (RE 10) Curio (cos. 76). The latter can be taken to be a impartial voice, in as far as he had supported Clodius within the furor surrounding the Bona Dea scandal in sixty one; at the pamphlet C.

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