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Cato (M. Porcius Cato) the elder (234–149 BCE) of Tusculum, statesman and soldier, was once the 1st vital author in Latin prose. His speeches, works on jurisprudence and the artwork of warfare, his precepts to his son on a variety of topics, and his nice ancient paintings on Rome and Italy are misplaced. yet we've got his De Agricultura; terse, critically clever, grimly funny, it provides principles in a variety of points of a farmer's financial system, together with even scientific and cooking recipes, and divulges fascinating info of household life.

Varro (M. Terentius), 116–27 BCE, of Reate, popular for his enormous studying, was once an antiquarian, historian, philologist, scholar of technological know-how, agriculturist, and poet. He was once a republican who used to be reconciled to Julius Caesar and was once marked out via him to oversee an meant nationwide library. Of Varro's greater than seventy works concerning thousands of volumes we have now just one on agriculture and nation affairs (Rerum Rusticarum) and a part of his paintings at the Latin language (De Lingua Latina; Loeb nos. 333, 334), notwithstanding we all know a lot approximately his Satires. all the 3 books on state affairs starts off with a good mise en scene and makes use of discussion. the 1st booklet offers with agriculture and farm administration, the second one with sheep and oxen, the 3rd with bird and the retaining of different animals huge and small, together with bees and fishponds. There are vigorous interludes and a picture historical past of political events.

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